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Cheesy Lines GONE Sweet Chili {fanfic} - 犬と竜 : Dog & Dragon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Cheesy Lines GONE Sweet Chili {fanfic} [Oct. 20th, 2007|04:30 pm]
犬と竜 : Dog & Dragon: Renji & Tatsuki


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author: shin_neh
Genre: Humour/romance
Rating: parental guidance is advice..
Pairing: REnji Abarai and Tatsuki Arisawa
length: word count 1281 (more or less..)
summary:: cheesy lines..though corny, RENJI uses it as a weapon to piss someone.. he is forcing his peasized brain to extract as many lines as he can.. but it seems that he means every word that he says..

notes:: i just post it here.. that's all.. :) hope you'll enjoy reading it the way i did..


Logical translation in English: Bleach is not mine.

Note: Enjoy. Review. Critize (?). Thank You!

Inner thoughts: falling for this pair… so why not write something about it… out of my unique weird imagination. Hope you’ll like this..

Cheesy Lines Gone Sweet Chili

by: shin

Chapter 1: DO YOU HAVE A NAME??

Abarai Renji thought he was going to spend another ‘ordinary’ day in school but he was definitely WRONG.

As the redhead entered the school’s property, girls started to squeal and gawk at him. Another normal scenario he got used to since their first day. Pshaw! He didn’t give a damn about it.

Ignoring the so-called fangirls, he entered the building. In the hall, this student saw Orihime crying, surrounded by other familiar faces, yet the aura was sullen.

“Hey, Orihime why are crying?” he asked as he looked around searching for someone. Weird, he thought. She should be the one comforting her.

Orihime didn’t answer. Tears continued to fall from her eyes as Rukia comforts her.

Since Renji didn’t want to see any girls cry, he gave some sort of comforting words.

“It’ll be okay.” He gently placed a hand on her head. “I’m sure Arisawa was beating the hell out of the one who made you cry.” To his surprise Orihime cried more.

Ok. That means comforting was not his business.

The tattooed freak noticed two other students and to his great shock, they looked like hell.

Chizuru and Keigo went out of their room with disheveled appearance and the word defeat was written all over their face.

“What’s going on?” Renji asked.

Pairs of sad eyes led him to follow their gaze. As he looked at the direction of their cheerless eyes, he saw Orihime’s best friend.

Tatsuki let out a deep sigh. She was sitting on her place but her mind was somewhere else. She was well aware that everybody was looking at her, brows either furrowed or twitched. She wanted to react, that’s the truth. But how can she? Especially if there’s a he-devil and his partner threatening her if she talked.

Her classmates noticed her odd behavior this morning when she arrived. This girl made an outstanding entrance as she walked passed everyone without a word of greetings. It was not the way she used to when seeing her friends.

Her face was stern and her air was uninviting. Even Orihime gave up, crying and persuading her to share her burden. Since she hadn’t exchange any word with anybody, they were all very outraged and puzzled.

Orihime cried. It’s her fault!!! She made her cry...

If it wasn’t because of the bet, her secret and that he-devil, she wouldn’t be like this. Tatsuki fixed her gaze outside the window on time to ignore some sharp eyes.

“Arisawa!” The annoying punk. He approached the girl and stood in front her.

Leave me alone bastard! She hoped she could have thrown him those words.

The redhead sure observed the attitude. Using his knuckles, he poked her cheeks.

She faced him and shot icy daggers at him.

“How could you make Orihime cry?” He arrogantly scolded. “Saying you’ll protect her? How could you protect someone if you’re the one hurting her? Cold hearted.” He sneered expecting she’ll stirred and shout at him.

Tatsuki clenched her fist. Annoying.

BAKA Ichigo!!! Blackmailer!! After she screamed in her mind, she took a deep breath and looked away ignoring Abarai.

Renji wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction. He raised a brow, “What’s the matter? You’re feeling weak today?” he asked. “Oops. Sorry, you are always a weakling.” He smirked and poked her cheeks again.

His attempts of getting into her nerves were all answered by a troubled sigh.

He wasn’t enjoying this kind of conversation and he was looking foolish in front of their classmates.

“What the hell Arisawa!!!” He pounded her desk causing her to levitate a little. She rolled her eyes and yawned.

She must admit the fact that she was happy Renji was fuming even though she wasn’t screaming at him.


She looked up at him and smirked. Dream on Abarai! I won’t waste my energy at you!

Everyone was frightened at the Redhead’s rage. He was like a ferocious beast preying on a little overconfident girl.

Renji gritted his teeth. He didn’t understand but he wanted her to speak, to be annoyed, to rage at everything he said.

Looking at Arisawa, he decided he will be having an attitude change to play the game she was playing.

He glared at her. She was like a deaf, dumb, autistic, out of this world creature. He loathed the way she ignored him.

“Shit!” he growled. For a minute he thought of something, a plot to win her game.

Renji crouched and looked at her close. Very close he inhaled what she breathed out.

Tatsuki evenly stared at him. Her heart beat increases. Dammit! My heartbeat always thumps abnormally when he’s around.

“Your name is Tatsuki Arisawa…” he plainly said earning a frown from the girl.

“Well if your name is Tatsuki Arisawa… ” He stated. “Mind if I call you MINE?”

She felt her heart jump out from her chest. She rolled her eyes.

First attempt, failed. Renji fumed.

Ichigo entered the room and mischievously grinned at Tatsuki. Renji noticed it and felt a twinge of realization hit him. He stared back at the girl.

Another line hit him. He bent and snatched her leg, causing her to squeak.

“Your must be tired ‘coz your running in my mind all night.”

Tatsuki scowled. One word- CORNY. That’s another failure for the red punk.

For the next few hours, students observed a stoic Tatsuki and a funny Renji.

“Hey Arisawa! Is this the key?” He lifted up a key. “The key to open your heart?”

That was another weird line by Abarai that was disregarded by the Karate expert.

When their sensei left the room, he occupied the seat in front of Tatsuki, faced her and acted. He cupped his hands into his ears. “Hear that?” he whispered. “Is that a plane or just my heart taking off?” Renji thought Tatsuki was so damn good in ignoring all foolishness that he said. Truth was she was pouring all her energy to control her emotions.

Attempt number 21:

He acted again. “ow.ow.ow” he gave her a painful look, “I think I bruised myself falling for you.” She just stared at him.

Attempt number 45:

Renji raised his hand. The Sensei called him.

“I’m gay.” All jaws dropped.

Ichigo, Mizuiro, Keigo, Yumichika and Ikkaku embraced their 'drop-er-dead-err-gorgeous-errr-body' . Rangiku couldn't help but laugh out loud and as for El Capitan Hitusgaya, he helplessly palm-faced.

Renji dramatically put his hand on his chest and said, “But TATSUKI ARISAWA can convert me!!” they squealed and cheered.

Tatsuki stuck her tongue out. Fuck! How many cheesy lines did he know, anyways? And he only has a pea sized brain so how come he memorized those?

“Giant polar bear!!!” Abarai energetically said.

Ms. Arisawa, scan the room and grimaced. She really wanted to fight this guy, by words or physically.

“Hmmm… I thought that will break the ice... ehhe...” he said in a defeated tone.

Get lost Abarai!! I will be like this for a week and FYI it is only day one and you sounded like defeated.

in ff.net mercury'sSerenity beta-ed(?) this fic..