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What Happens After The End (1 - 3/?)

Title: What Happens After The End
Author: Ragna (afteriwake)
Pairing: Ensemble, with eventual Renji/Tatsuki
Rating: PG-13, to be safe
Spoilers (if applicable): Goes AU in the Deicide arc.
Warnings (if applicable): None.
Summary: What if Aizen really had killed Tatsuki, Mizurio, Keigo and Chizuru and put their bodies up on display to taunt Ichigo? What would happen next?
Authors Notes: I had posted part of part 1 a few months ago but removed it because I was going to enter it in bleachbigbang, but sadly was not able to finish it in time. So I'm re-posting that part (with the new additions) and then adding the next two. This will probably what I work on aside from drabbles until it's done.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
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Series: Chase The Morning

Crossposted all over the place. My apologies if you see this more than once!

Series Title: Chase The Morning
Author: Ragna (afteriwake)
Pairing: Renji/Tatsuki, with mentions of various friendships and Ichigo/Orihime and one-sided Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: PG-13 overall
Spoilers (if applicable): Mentions of stuff in the Deicide arc in the manga, and the first story is set about six months after the arc we're in now.
Warnings (if applicable): There's sex in "And In The Morning You Will Be Gone" but nothing graphic.
Authors Notes: This series starts with "Lessons", which I've already posted but am reposting for anyone who wants to read the whole series in one fell swoop. This is a self-contained mini-series but its fans are trying to convince me to do a future fic for this series, so there may be one more. Maybe. We'll see.

The Differences Between You And Me
Bittersweet Things
And In The Morning You Will Be Gone
Not How I Thought It Would End
Bleach - Aizen: Thoughts by yachiru

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Title: [Bad username:]Lessons</a>
Author: Ragna (afteriwake)
Pairing: Renji & Tatsuki
Rating: PG
Spoilers (if applicable): Mentions of stuff in the Deicide arc in the manga, and this is set about six months after the arc we're in now.
Summary: He may have come to her for lessons, but he gets more than he expected, as does she.

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I want to say how utterly disgusted I am that this comm has been dead for over a year.

That being said, I want to write a RenTatsu fic really badly, between 5-7 chapters long, but I have no clue what kind of fic/plot it should be.

So, could you guys give me some one-word prompts, and I'll pull something together from those?

[MOD POST] The Rumors of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Konbawa minna-san... I know I've been a terrible administrator. My deepest apologies. But it seems that my absence has not affected the community too badly! I was pleasantly surprised to see our stats and how many have joined and are watching the community. Amazing, considering how obscure and crack-tastic our pairing is!

Real Life duties have kept me pre-occupied somewhat, but that's not why I've been away. In all honesty I've shied away from BLEACH since the start of the "Arrancar" Arc for various reasons, but that's not to say I've lost all interest in BLEACH.

I encourage the Ren_Tatsu love (even if she has been discarded ::snif::) and I'm happy to see all the recent fanworks that have been posted. Keep it up guys!


Cheesy Lines GONE Sweet Chili {fanfic}

author: shin_neh
Genre: Humour/romance
Rating: parental guidance is advice..
Pairing: REnji Abarai and Tatsuki Arisawa
length: word count 1281 (more or less..)
summary:: cheesy lines..though corny, RENJI uses it as a weapon to piss someone.. he is forcing his peasized brain to extract as many lines as he can.. but it seems that he means every word that he says..

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A Day Late [Ren/Tatsu, AU]

So, hello. This is a repost, btw. Some of you may recognize this. This is my fic of epic failing porportions written for Trinity. And since Trinity has hoodwinked me into writing a second part of it, I figured I may as well put the first one up here first. Link leads to my writing journal/comm: abitofvineger, and is one of the last unlocked entries on there. :3

Title:A Day Late
Author: overtoned
Word Count: 1, 173
Characters/Paring: Renji/Tatsuki
Rating: G-PG13?
Warnings: AU. Pretend Soul Society does not exist. Severe incompetence on my behalf. Drinking. Lots of it. Oh, and I have no knowledge in alcohol whatsoever, so if you drink, and you actually know about drinks, you might LOL.
("Gimme some more of that pissy drink.")